The closet I’ve gotten to ocean waves all summer 🌊

The closet I’ve gotten to ocean waves all summer 🌊

🍬🍭 (at SAS Cupcakes-Newark)

🍬🍭 (at SAS Cupcakes-Newark)

Anonymous: Hi! Where do you live now? Here in the Philippines? Or no?

in Delaware!

Anonymous: in what ways did highschool change you

I learned a lot about people and about how some things do not matter as much as you thought they would. high school was so petty in so many ways and I am so glad that it is over

Anonymous: did you visit Rutgers NB? if so, did you like it and are you considering it?

I did and I liked it a lot, but I only got $10,000 from there so it was still so expensive

Anonymous: How did you get a scholarship? Did you have to apply

some schools automatically check you for scholarship opportunities, other scholarships you have to apply for yourself

Anonymous: did you apply to any ivy league schools and get in?

I didn’t even bother

Anonymous: How would you feel if your bf told you that he couldn't respond or text you for a couple of days just because he was sick?

I wouldn’t want to add to how bad he is feeling so I would let him get better

Anonymous: do you have a youtube channel?

bea fontano