Anonymous: Hey Bea. Is it true that you don't have to ask to go to the toilet in college?? Like htf does that work out. Lol. I cant picture just walking out haha.

lol you just walk out!

Anonymous: When did you take SAT OR ACT junior or senior year??

once junior year and another time senior year

Anonymous: so this guy ive been dating for over a month isnt texting me for 5 days and we have the same work, we talked for a bit earlier at work and i was expecting him that later that night he'll but NO he didn't wtf is wrong with guys... why they so unpredictable.

that’s kind of weird. he isn’t normally like that in terms of communication with you? I think it’d be a good idea to talk to him and get things straight so you guys are on the same page!

Anonymous: I'm so terribly sad. Like everything is falling apart. And I feel so lost. I have no one really to talk to and just wanted to randomly put this somewhere just to let it out.

You can talk to me. I’m all ears

Anonymous: Are the dorms coed?


Anonymous: So I go to a charter school right now but I just feel so lost.I miss my friends from public school and I just don't fit in at the charter school should i move or not?

Take this as a challenge to adapt! I went from a catholic school, to charter, to public and I understand it was hard but if I can do it you can!

If you don’t know him we can’t be friends

I miss it a lot

Anonymous: So, my first love was the type that never really happened, and i confessed to him when i was 16 but he never answered me and we drifted. Now i have a boyfriend and he's dating my best friend, we talk now but he always seems to talk about the past and tell me how he used to like me too and wonders how it would have been if he confessed to me.. He even tells me not to tell my bestfriend we're talking.. Your thoughts on his intentions?

I think he’s scheming and I wouldn’t trust him. he seems like the type to say things just to see where they’ll lead to!