Throwback to firefly & the night the foo fighters played 🙌

Anonymous: So I've been feeling bad lately (and for the past 5 years) and while I haven't been to a doctor, I'm certain that I'm depressed to an extent. I don't really know what to do since I don't want to tell my parents or bring anything up, but I'm just sick of feeling down all the time.

don’t self diagnose yourself. i know that depression is more common than we think, but why don’t you get checked out if you really believe you are? if you are sick of feeling down, chances are that there is a way out because there usually is. nothing is permanent, believe me.

Anonymous: I'm a senior this incoming school year, and I'm terrified that I might not get into any universities and that I'm not going to achieve anything. I'm really scared, and the pressure that my parents are putting me into is also one of the things that gives me anxiety 😭 Any advice for me ate?

my advice is that you aren’t going to know where you are going until you have to know (april) so don’t freak out now because plans change and things don’t go as you THINK, but they will go and happen for the best!

Anonymous: i remember a long time ago last year when you posted senior pictures (not the senior portrait with the black dress but just pictures with normal clothes, it was like a purple plaid shirt or something). why did you get those done? are they shown in the yearbook or something, or was it for fun? is it mandatory for seniors to do something like that or is it just traditional (im kinda confused if i have to do it too, im about to be a senior)

my Spanish teacher is a photographer and people like to get them done for their graduation announcements/party invitations. it isn’t mandatory for my school and my Spanish teacher just asked me to model for her website

Anonymous: Im also dealing with time issues with my bf :( we work 6 days a week and on days off he just want to rest home alone because he's exhausted. Although when we see eachother we make sure to do as much things as possible

i know it sucks, but if you want to make it work, it will work. i live like 2 hours away now and i still make a point to see my baby despite both of us working and having school. it helps to do schoolwork together too :)