Anonymous: All the pictures u post of ur food is all the food u eat in one day or in a week ?

Lol yea and yes

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Anonymous: Your boy is hella cute doe! <3

😌 thank you
He’s a nice guy too

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It’s crazy to think that in less than 4 months I’ll be moving out. Ever since I can remember, it has been my dream to get out of this town. I can’t believe this is finally happening.

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I’m so happy that I’m happy. I haven’t been this happy in a while. Thank you for lifting a weight off of my shoulders and helping me laugh and smile again.

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Anonymous: If a bear and a shark had a fight who would win?

Probably a shark
Bears eat fish and sharks are bigger than fish so I’m thinking that a bear couldn’t do much damage.

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Anonymous: Y u no snapchat anymore?

I do
I just yeah
Snapchat: Bfontano

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Anonymous: your body is so hot!

No way!

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Crispy pata

Crispy pata

We struggle more than we should

Anonymous: will you ever do a meet and greet in DE?

Why would anyone wanna meet me?! 😂

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