I feel like our generation feels so entitled to saying whatever we want because it can be deleted, anonymous, or “interpreted incorrectly”

Anonymous: You're rude and sarcastic in all your replies to your followers, hope you feel good about being an unnecessary rude and absurd human being

Hope you feel good about making a big deal out of something that isn’t a big deal


The story behind this is great. Apparently, Bey is just amazing at Connect 4, and they’d played it a ton of times, and Kanye had lost every time, and he’s just proud here to have finally won. That look on her face in the last picture conveys just how many games Kanye probably made her play.

Anonymous: has anyone ever walked in on you masturbating?

like all the time it’s so annoying especially this one time where no it never happens

Anonymous: HELP! What is a simple costume to put together with some of your everyday clothes bc I don't wanna spend so much on a Halloween costume.

"college student"

Anonymous: I was wondering if you can give advice to someone who is currently looking for a job but has no job experience?

I got a job without experience! it’s good to have some skills such as being able to speak another language like Spanish or having cpr/first aid certification depending on the job you want