Anonymous: How do you handle having Filipino parents? My mom drives me insane... she tries controlling everything, never understands,,,, and she's so stuck in the way everything is back home than how everything is here. I just.... how do you do it? You seem so happy

you just have to realize that that is how they care. if she isn’t going to “nag” and remind you about the little things we disregard, who else will? it’ll be ok and you will get your freedom eventually, but just make you mama happy for now because she I just doing it because she doesn’t want you to grow up a slob!

Anonymous: Thoughts on a boy that wouldn't date you because you go to a different school but the schools are near each other

he’s dumb, but at least he was honest

Anonymous: Any high school advice?

don’t pretend you are someone you are not because people are going to hate you and talk shit on you

Anonymous: Do you think missing a guy and the things you did would mean you like them?

I think it would! especially since you don’t just miss the person but also the things you did, aka memories

Anonymous: hi I'm a junior in high school and I'm really scared that this year will be hard especially because of SATs

it will be hard, but it won’t be impossible! nothing worth having comes easy

Anonymous: How did you do/start your college applications?

I looked at colleges I liked then I applied

Anonymous: This guy used to like me before but I said I only like him as a friend and now.. I'm realizing how he so nice and everything. I'm having feelings about him now what should I do?????

then become more than friends and do this by being more close with him, hanging out more, etc. you don’t have to do things so quickly - just let them happen!