Anonymous: Hey, do you any tips for tackling the SAT?

Pace yourself and check your answers when you can. Take actual practice tests they help!

Anonymous: how would you feel about your boyfriend going to a rave with a couple of friends? Would you be okay with it? :/ Just wondering..

If you trust him you’re ok with it. He’s not your pet. You don’t control his life.

Anonymous: you mad cute

Thank you 😁

Anonymous: You're going to seton hall right? My cousin goes there.. Which building are you in (A or B) ?


Anonymous: Is 1220 good for a SAT score?

most colleges want at least a 1500

you’re almost there :D

Anonymous: I recently started dating someone but I dont know how to tell my mom cause its my first like real boyfriend and I don't know how she will take it. Im 17 but Im worried she will be like no you can't. What do I do?

tell her the truth

it’s better for you to be honest and show maturity than to hide it

Anonymous: He wants to be friends and start all over again but it hurts. It hurts knowing that i might not be able to bring everything back, that things will never be the same and us will never be as close as we were. I dont know what to do. He's been by my side for 4 years, and it feels like those years dont matter to him anymore.

they do matter because he wants to be friends, that’s always a step. so if you are okay with it, be friends and be civil with one another - but if not do not pretend like it’ll be ok when you know it won’t because youre just going to get hurt more. you are going to go to COLLEGE. it is a new leaf for you. things can only go better from here.

Rugged wear house has some heat

Rugged wear house has some heat