Anonymous: gurl have you ever watch diary ng panget?


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Anonymous: was seton your top choice?

Nah I didn’t have a top choice

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Anonymous: Is that a bruise or a hickey ?

Punched in the back

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Anonymous: nice try but a perfect score is 1600 so how could you score 1950 hmmmm?

Cr, math, writing (800*3) = 2400
That’s how

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Anonymous: Can you write a personal statement about yourself?

Hi I’m Bea
I like food

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Anonymous: Honestly, you have amazing hips and legs. Just... unf. :O

Awh thanks 😂

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Anonymous: congrats on seton hall :) a lot of my friends are going there. what are you going to study?

Thank you ☺️ I’ll be doing nursing

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